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Antique business cards bowls

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Height 38 cm.
Diameter 26 cm.
The bowl is mouth blown in the diccifult reticello technique. Reticello is Italian and means "A thin net", which refers to the glass inlaid colors.

The bowl is with loose lilium vase in the middle.

The business card bowl is blown by colored glass sticks that are melted into a plate, which is molded with the glass maker's tool for the funnel shaped vase and the bottom part both with a ruffle edge.

The technique is especially known from Murano, the glass island of Venice, where it is refined in the 18th and 19th centuries.
There is still a production of glass on Murano in reticello technique.

Having a business card bowl at the end of the 19th century was somewhat common. You would put your business card in the bowl when visiting and the host had not been home and you would have been received by the servants. Then the lady of the house would review these and plan visits to those guets of the house she hadn't been able to receive.

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