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Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen acquires gold, silver, and jewelry – both for resale and remelting. 
We believe it is a shame to melt the Danish cultural heritage.

In case of burglary, contact the police and the insurance agency, then proceed with the following:

1)    Make a list of the stolen/damaged objects. Describe them as best you can. If you have any pictures of the damaged products, please secure them as it will make the procedure easier for all involve. 
Please note: Our expertise are jewellery, gold and silver, Blue Fluted Royal Copenhagen, silver cutlery, “korpus” silver and Flora Danica porcelain.  

2)    Contact Antik Damgaard-Lauritsen to schedule a consultation concerning appraisal/assessment appointments or phone consultation in regard to replacement of all or independent items. Lists can also be sent by email, however, that requires a preceding phone consultation with us via +45 66141114. Remember to bring/write the name of your insurance agency, your policy number, and potentially name of appraiser.

3)    The appraisal will typically be available within 2-3 weekdays for you and your insurance agency. The invoice will be sent directly to your insurance agency.

4)    When your insurance agency has assessed the damage, you are welcome to visit us at the shop where we will help you reacquire your items. We will help you replace your old items with other historical items from a time where quality and craftsmanship were at its highest – offering prices below the market price. We can reacquire almost everything concerning jewellery, gold and silver, Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted, silver cutlery, and Flora Danica porcelain.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Silver can become gold
In case you have lost a silver jug, you can choose to replace it with something completely else if you wish. The silver jug can for instance become a gold ring, a painting, a piece of furniture – it is up to you! 

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