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Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel

Our Story

Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel is one of Denmark´s biggest and oldest antique dealers. Since 1938 the three generations and their continuous focus on quality and originality has brought the company to its current position as one of Denmark´s biggest and most sincere protagonists within dealing with antiques, art and design.
A corn dealer interested in antiques.
In 1938 the corn dealer, Hans Jørgen Petersen, decided to turn his big passion for antiques into his profession. In the beginning he kept his job as a corn dealer and the store was only open on Sundays. Later, after expanding the store a few times he worked full time together with his wife, Inger. For many years the focus was on high-class antiques from Denmark and Northern Germany from the years 1750 to1800. Hans Jørgen Petersen found many of these on the attics of the farmers during his work as a corn dealer.
After the father passed away in 1960 the sons Hans Jørgen and Knud joined the company and ran the business and expanded the store together with their mother. When the brother and the mother passed away Hans Jørgen Petersen ran the business on his own until 2001, when the third generation, Lasse F. Petersen, joined the company.
A modern antique dealer: Art, design and antiques. 
In 2018 the company will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Today we are still focusing on quality objects, but not anymore only from the 18th century, as also art and design make up a big part of the company´s warehouse and makes it possible to decorate the interior in a modern and quality conscious way.
Today we focus on offering unique objects, no matter whether it is furniture, art, silver arts and crafts, bronzes etc. that shall be part of a modern and quality conscious life, where antiques, art and design are being combined and used in an individual interior design.


Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel is one of Scandinavia´s biggest antique dealers. Our store consists of three buildings, a showroom of about 1.200m2  and a warehouse with thousands of objects from different  commodity groups.
We interpret the term antiques in a modern way and like to present the antiques of the 18th century in a mixture with the best of Danish modernist´s paintings and the popular design of Danish furniture designers. We also sell many minor objects like vintage watches, silver arts and crafts and jewelry.
The inflow of the objects is big and continous. We mainly buy from private sellers, who entrust us to buy a few items, but often we also purchase bigger properties or collections.
We sell to a big international network, which we have built up for almost 80 years.
Therefore we are a sincere alternative to many auction houses/galleries and will always make a bid for objects, you would like to sell.
Amongst our customers you will find members of The Royal Family, both Danish museums and museums from abroad and interior designers.
The majority of our customers are private individual people, who are looking for inspiration, advice and guidance how to decorate their individual and quality conscious homes.
It is our promise that the homepage gives a good impression of our store and warehouse.
Actually, antiques should be seen and we always appreciate visitors in our store.
Many people come to Aabenraa just to visit us. Others combine the visit with a trip to Germany. More and more arrange a trip of several days´ duration and visit the excellent hotels and restaurants in Southern Jutland and visit us on that occasion.
Welcome to Aabenraa!
Lasse F. Petersen


Aabenraa Antikvitetshandel Nørreport 16 DK - 6200 Aabenraa
Phone.: +45 74 62 24 79 Cell: +45 40 83 55 83




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